Perfect Poundworld Bargains for Potty Training Weekend!

potty training boys when to start tips

Poundworld Bargains Kept me Sane Through Potty Training!

I won’t lie, I love a bargain. And I LOVE Poundworld. Out of all the pound shops, Poundworld is my favourite. I think I like it because they have a shop near my work and I get to pop in, on a week day, sans-child. And so do most of the other visitors…meaning complete child-free shopping bliss.

So last week I wanted to prep for the big PT! Yep, potty training. I’ve been putting it off purely because I didn’t think he was ready. He’d sit in poop all day long if given the chance. However, he is nearing three, he poops and wees at nursery, and some other friends have had success with similar boy potty attitudes. So I thought what the hell, let’s do it.

Potty Training Essentials!

Here are the bits and bobs I found in Poundworld to ease my PT training pain

  • Dettol Wipes – don’t need to say much more do I!
  • Patio Chalk – Lush weather, let’s get him outside!
  • Jewels and sticky bits – indoor crafty stuff in case it rains.
  • Colouring books – same as above.
  • Large glass to drown my sorrows in wine if it all goes tits-up. (It didn’t!)

potty training boys when to start tips

We are one week in now and little b has been amazing – mostly. There have been a few melt downs and sometimes it feels more poo patrol than Paw Patrol!. I am completely surprised with how quickly he has “gotten” it 🙂 We were even brave and ventured out!

potty training boys when to start tips



  1. Good luck with the potty training – probably my least favourite phase! Still, if they are ready its usually quite quick. Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on in another post. Poundworld is good isn\’t it – I am actually one of those people that goes around the shop saying \”but how much is this?\” haha (hides head in shame). Thanks for joining us this week on #fortheloveofBLOG X

    • haha yes sometimes I think that too!
      yeah potty training ok – wees are fine. it is poos we need to master! today he ran around nursery with poo in his pants and they told me he was super proud when they asked who\’d done a poo :/ hmmm !

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