Potty Training 3 Days In. What I’ve Learnt.

potty training what age tips and tricks lessons learned when to start boys age 3

Potty Training Lessons Learned!

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and gone for it – potty training. For a while B’s nursery told me he was ready, and for a while I thought he might be ready. But then he’d go and crap his pants and sit in it, without a care in the world. I was pretty certain he wasn’t ready. Then a good mummy friend started training her boy and she said he was similar to B. Happy to sit in poop all day if given the chance. So I thought “right, that’s it – we are doing it buddy!” I felt mentally prepared haha! So here we are, three days in and it’s actually been ok. Not as bad as I thought! Here are some of the things I think have helped me:



Accepting that we will stay in for a few days. This was my biggest fear to be honest. Cabin fever. I hate being stuck in and it makes me restless. I told myself from the start – “Emma, this isn’t forever, take a couple of days for B to get used to things then venture out” Some bits and bobs at Poundworld helped stave off boredom!2016-05-05 18.08.38


Dettol wipes, check. Potty, check. Sticker chart, check. Food and drink to keep us going all day Friday, check. I made sure I had everything I might need the night before. Same goes for venturing out – pack those Dettol wipes, pack those pants!

Dry weather

One of the bonus things for picking this weekend to potty train has been the weather. It has been completely glorious and we have spent most of the time in the garden, mucking about with sand and water. Here are some of our sunny pics:

2016-05-07 15.32.432016-05-07 15.35.26-12016-05-07 16.40.16-1

Keeping it schtum

No Facebook announcements, no huge unveiling. Just a few select friends and family members. I feel this takes the pressure off. Last time I “tried” potty training, I think I told every man and his dog as I was so excited. Big mistake. Everyone has a bloody opinion, of which quite frankly I care squat for. So this time, I haven’t said much.


My poor boy – I must have asked over 100 times last weekend if he needs to use the potty. No, he’d say defiantly. I don’t believe you buddy I thought. Well this eve he surprised me with, “mummy, I need a wee wee, quick, the potty!” And he went, he did the biggest wee! Proud mummy moment and all


The biggest of all (and honestly, I have zero of this!) is patience. Since having B, I’ve really had to learn how to take a deep breath and not lose my patience. I like things done and I like them done now. Toddlers don’t operate like that. B has taught me how to be patient and how to stop and observe the moment.

Some photos from our trip out. We had two accidents but no huge deal!

2016-05-08 14.51.40-12016-05-08 14.12.19-1

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potty training what age tips and tricks lessons learned when to start boys age 3


  1. I\’m such a wimp, I keep delaying potty training. Or giving up at the first hurdle. Well done for sticking it out 🙂


  2. I think with these things our kids always surprise us and it\’s never quite as bad as you feared. Although you\’re right you do need patience. And wipes…lots of wipes. Being nappy free is ace. Good luck! #PicknMix

    • yep, lots of patience and like you say, they are often not as bad as you think they are going to be – these changes. he got out of bed last night and had a wee on the potty – didn\’t hear him! amazed!!

  3. I am terrified about beginning the journey of potty training. How do I know she is ready? What if she is scared of using the potty? What do I do if it means she starts getting up at night and weeing herself? That is impressive after three days in he is that far though, he obviously is ready!

    • ah don\’t be terrified. I was too tbh and kept putting it off. they surprise us! I wasn\’t sure he was ready either – nursery kept telling me he was but hed sit in poo all day at home if given the chance! then a friend had a similar prob with her oy and he got on ok with it. good luck!

  4. Great honest post about such a hot topic, good work! it feels like you\’re pretty relaxed about it all (other than cabin fever) and he must be picking up on that vibe, the weather is fab timing. we havent started yet, but im bookmarking for when we do..which i don\’t think will be too long 🙂 #PicknMix

  5. Aww hope it\’s still going well. I can remember being desperate to do it with my first and waited till I knew for sure he was ready with my second. Much less stressful! Thanks for linking to #picknmix

    • that\’s funny as a few friends who have two said the same. I just felt he wasn\’t ready earlier. he will be 3 in a month so I feel now is a good time and he just seems to get it better than earlier.

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