5 Pram and Toddler friendly Walks around North Somerset and Bristol

Pre-b, Mr d and I used to love walking. We’d spend whole days out doing a circular loop which typically involved a pub lunch 😉 Post-b, it is not so easy. B has been a pickle with walking and spends most time asking to be carried. He is slowly getting better but for a while we relied on the buggy whenever we went out. Here are some of our favourite “toddler and buggy” friendly walks in the North Somerset and Bristol area. Perfect for a dry day!

  • Weston-super-Mare Seafront. Super long stretches of promenade to walk along. Park at the top for free (near Clarence Park – Google it) and walk right down past the pier for a good mile or so walk. I used to do this one with a mum friend often. Both boys in their prams all snuggled and content. The sun in our faces, the wind in our hair…in reality, my friend’s boy screamed the whole walk there. My boy screamed the whole walk back. We got an ice cream to cheer ourselves up and the server got the wrong flavour, giving us free ice cream. Pre-pram, great. But try pushing a pram while eating two ice creams. Cue mess.

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest weston-super-mare seafront beach holiday

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest weston-super-mare seafront beach holiday

  • Clevedon Seafront, Salthouse Park and Marine Lake. I like Clevedon as it is a short drive from Weston and has this quaint charm about it which I find very appealing. I also like Clevedon because they have a fab children’s play area in Salthouse Park. There is parking on the road for free or a paid for car park right next to the playground. Which is actually worth it so you can take your time opening the doors and whatnot, rather than directly on the road. There is a small café, some ride-ons (you know, the pound ones that are ALWAYS broken outside Morrison’s. Wink wink) and at certain times a miniature railway!

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest weston-super-mare seafront beach holiday

  • Portishead Marina and Lake Grounds. Perfect for a trip out. There is free parking at the lake grounds, either on the grass or up by the estuary. The park is well equipped for little ones and there is a lake with plenty of hungry ducks. You also have the outdoor swimming pool if the weather is good. I’ve never been with B though. Our favourite stop off for lunch, if we aren’t doing picnics, is on the way home to a pub called The Windmill Inn. If you search for it and the word Portishead, you will find it. It has amazing views over the Severn estuary and over to Wales. It’s lovely to sit there on a sunny day and have a spot of lunch. Mr D and I enjoyed a lunch there when B was two weeks old. It was our first proper “out out” with the little and it was going swimmingly. Until of course our lunch arrived. I went to pop B back in his pram and felt something soft and warm on my hand. “Uh-oh, I think we have a leaker,” I whispered to Mr D over my glass of pinot. I lifted B up and exclaimed “OMG, it’s coming out the sides!” As I stood up, a nice stream of “korma” baby poop ran down my pretty summer dress. Beautiful. #realityofparenting Fortunately I do not have a photo of that day!
  • Sand Bay – Weston-super-Mare. Sand Bay is at the top of Weston and is absolutely beautiful for a little walk with or without a buggy. There is hard standing pavement along the beach which makes it easy for prams (and bikes!). If you have a walker, there is the beach a stone’s throw from the path. Perfect.

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  • Bristol Harbour. We love mooching about Bristol Harbour because a) we can push a pram easily and b) there are loads of free things for us to see and do with a toddler. Our faves being the M Shed museum and all the boats – the Matthew and SS Great Britain. There are some lovely places to stop for a drink or something to eat.

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest weston-super-mare seafront beach holiday


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  1. Some lovely ideas – it\’s a while since I was last in Bristol, and I definitely fancy going back there, but the seafront always tempts me wherever that is. #citytripping

  2. There is some great inspiration here for people! I\’ve cycled through Bristol harbour a few years back now, It was really pretty (we were cycling Devon to Cumbria) . I can see how it would be entertaining for a toddler, all the cool old stuff to look at and climb in and around on (at lease I think you could!) THanks for sharing with #familyfun

  3. Great suggestions. When my daughter was very little I used to love going out for walks. The ice cream story made me giggle! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  4. Some really great walks here. I love Bristol Harbour. It\’s so much fun watching all the boats. Haha I hate pushing the pram with ice creams. Definitely loads of mess, not the easiest thing. I\’ve just about got the knack of pushing the pram with a coffee. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather xxx

  5. Loads of great places to visit nearby, although I did laugh a bit at the leaky nappy! I was fortunate enough to never get leaked on myself, but I have heard of so many of those kind of poonami stories, eek! Love the boats, that looks a fab place to take the kids and of course you can\’t go wrong with a beach! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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