Swindon Outlet and Ed’s Easy Diner

To finish off our hols in Pagham (West Sussex), we had a lovely three hour drive home in the pouring rain. Joy. The journey from Pagham back to Weston-super-Mare is not a direct one and requires multiple motorways. The good thing, there are loads of service stops (which I find I need more and more after having had a baby). The bad thing, it’s just a long, dullllll journey. To break it up, we decided we would stop off at the Swindon Outlet shopping centre. Mr D’s mum and dad had been recently and said they had some great things for kids there, as well as the shops.

Now to be clear, I don’t really like shopping. I’m not at all in to fashion or labels or anything cool. The only shopping I like doing is for beauty and hair stuff and stuff for B. So I knew from the get-go that it wouldn’t be a “shopping” trip as such. We’d stop for lunch and check out the kid stuff while undercover, away from the rain.

So off we trot on our merry way. It’s literally peeing it down. B is in a bad mood and mummy is in a bad mood. B decided to wear his Rio dvd as a hat, subsequently scratching it to bits. Two seconds I took my eye off him while we packed up the caravan. Grr. Thirty minutes in and he doesn’t want jungle book. He wants something else. Then he wants a snack, then he drops his blanket (His “Nee”. Don’t ask), and then he drops his train. The two hours to this designer outlet are fraught with stress! It doesn’t help either that Mr D always seems incapable of finding a parking space, with erm, SPACE. He always picks the space with the least amount of room to open B’s door. It winds me up no end haha. Anyway so moods aside, here is a little write up of what we did at the Swindon Outlet.

  • We enjoyed a fab lunch at Ed’s Easy Diner. I love all things American and I love diners. The food was really yummy and I loved the 20p a go juke box in all the booths. My only negative would be that it was fairly pricey for what you got. But then there were other cheaper options available. I just really wanted to go to the diner. The downside for us as well, B carried on his mood throughout the meal. Fun times.

2016-04-22 11.50.07

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest day out at Swindon Mcarther glen outlet m4

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest day out at Swindon Mcarther glen outlet m4

  • We enjoyed a ride on the train. It makes realistic steam-puffing noises and does a full loop of the shopping centre. I felt a bit of a wally waving to old men sat on the benches, but hey-ho. B loved it. He loved it too much and due to his mood, he got into a tantrum getting off at the end. Fun times.

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest day out Swindon shopping outlet centre

  • We enjoyed a play in the “indoor” playground bit in the centre of the shopping village. I say indoor but it wasn’t really. It was covered but still outside. Which meant it was bloody freezing and I stupidly left my coat in the car thinking we’d be indoors. Luckily B wasn’t overly fussed and the train had more appeal.

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest day out at Swindon Mcarther glen outlet m4

So there we go, a quick stop off for some lunch and something different from the same old service station!



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  1. We have been to the outlet village a couple of times, you didn\’t miss much with the shops. it\’s one of those places that either has lots of great stock or a load of rubbish! Definitely better than the services though. I hope the rest of your journey went ok X #TheList

  2. Sounds like fun (except B\’s mood!). The train looks great. I\’m with you on the shopping thing – unless it\’s shoes :)Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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