4 Free Things to do With Toddlers in Bognor Regis!


Fun in Bognor Regis with a Toddler!

We just got back from a week away at Haven Church Farm in Pagham, West Sussex. You can read why we think Haven holidays are ideal with small kids here. As the weather was so beautiful, we decided to get out and about and explore the surrounding area. It’s nice to explore new areas isn’t it?what to do with toddlers for free bognor regis

I know it fairly well though as my grandparents lived in Bognor Regis and we used to visit quite a bit. I’ve never extensively explored Bognor with a toddler in tow though. Here is our round-up of free things to do in Bognor Regis with little ones:

The beach

If you time the tide right, you will be rewarded with glorious sand. If the tide is in, you may not see sand at all. Don’t be sad. This can actually be a good thing – no sand in shoes, the car, your handbag, hair, ears, the whole picnic. Sigh.

The joys of living in Weston-super-Mare! Pebble beaches are fantastic for rummaging about on, looking for odd shaped stones, shells and anything else that might have washed up :/ B was delighted when he found a dead crab.

2016-04-20 09.15.37

I was just bloody freezing! It was NOT picnic weather.

2016-04-20 09.15.14

Bognor Seafront

There is a small pier which is useful to hide out in if it’s rainy. B loves the arcades and although I’m not keen, I try to embrace them and join in the two-pence games. We managed to collect miles of these little tickets which he took to nursery to use as “train” tickets.

These tickets are pretty much useless unless you have about 50,000 of them. I think we had 50 or so and if we exchanged them for a prize, we would have received a lolly. Great.

The promenade train

For £1.50 return (b was free), you can ride the train from just near the pier up to the Butlins Bognor Regis resort. We did this as B is train obsessed. It was as fun as land trains get!
2016-04-20 11.00.17

West Park playground

The best thing about this playground? The car park is free for the first two hours. The worst thing about this playground? We didn’t realise this and had put two quid in across the road at the seafront parking on Marine Drive.

West Park playground was one of those “ohhhh that park looks good” from the car finds. The postcode is PO21 2RD if you are interested in visiting. We were really impressed to be honest. Loads for b to do and to do independently.

Bognor Regis Promenade Holiday Butlins Haven Parks Blogger Summer Fun Pier and Seafront train rides

Bognor Regis Promenade Holiday Butlins Haven Parks Blogger Summer Fun Pier and Seafront train rides

2016-04-20 09.57.45

Have you been to Bognor Regis? Am I missing any exacting things to do with a toddler? Feel free to share in the comments and pin for later!

what to do with toddlers for free bognor regis


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