How to Make Perfect Yorkshire Puddings That Rise!

how to get yorkshire puddings to rise hot oven tips tricks advice recipe best

Ok so picture the following, the beef is cooked, the veggies are done and all you have left are the Yorkshire Puddings. You open the oven only to find…they look like flattened, oily pancakes. They haven’t risen and they look anything but light and airy.

Want to know how you get your Yorkshire Puddings to Rise?

Yep?! Ok keep reading…

I won’t lie, Iโ€™m bloody good at making Yorkshire puddings. And today I share with you how to make THE BEST Yorkshire puddings. A lot is down to timing and temperature ๐Ÿ˜‰

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For these fab Yorkshire puddingsย you need:

  • 70 grams of plain flour
  • 100ml of ย milk
  • 2 eggs
  • Pinch of salt/pepper (optional)
fun healthy food for children and toddlers mummy blogger bristol somerset
Everything you need to make perfect Yorkshire puddings!

Pop them in a bowl and whisk. Whisk them really well, until the batter is super smooth and you feel youโ€™ve gotten a lot of air in there!

Pop the bowl of batter on the side while the rest of the meal is cooking. When you are 30 minutes out from completion (meal on table time), get your Yorkshire pudding tin in the oven. Pour a small amount of oil (I use vegetable oil) into the tins and heat.

When this oil is bubbling hot, tip your batter into the tin and pop back in the oven. And this is where it gets tricky and this is where I believe yorkies fail.

My top tips for getting them to rise!

  • Get the oven SUPER hot. And by super hot I mean 240c hot/gas mark 9 hot. If things are still cooking, you may need to cover with foil or remove. Typically when I cook a roast, I take the meat out, cover, rest. I take the roasties out and cover or I pop them on the bottom shelf and cover. I start the veg and I pop the puds in alone.
  • When you pour the batter mix into the tins, whatever you do, do NOT go back to a filled tin and re-pour more batter on top. If you have batter left over, leave it. As soon as you pour, the batter starts cooking in the hot oil. Pour new โ€œcoldโ€ batter on top of this and it holds down the โ€œstarted cookingโ€ batter, meaning no rise for you. (said in a Seinfeld “NO SOUP FOR YOU voice) Yorkshire fails.
  • Never EVER, EVER open the oven door once youโ€™ve put your Yorkshires in. Well after 15/20 minutes open it! But be it on your own head if you open mid-cook. Doing so will mean the cold air enters the oven and stops those bad boys rising. Yorkshire fails.

If you’ve followed the recipe correctly and followed my tips, you should be able to impress your friends and familyย with these bad boys:) For some roast dinner fun food ideas, take a look at our Quack Quack Chicken dinner, Bear Hunt Roast Beef meal and making veggies fun for kids.

fun healthy food for children and toddlers mummy blogger bristol somerset

how to get yorkshire puddings to rise hot oven tips tricks advice recipe best

Oh and to follow up, this is the tin you want to use. I saw it in Wilko and snapped a quick pic. You can pick these up in most shops though.

family lifestyle food blogger bristol southwest yorkshire pudding tin

Enjoyed this post? Don’t forget to pin it for later ๐Ÿ˜‰ You want your friends to be able to cook you great Yorkshire Puddings too right?!

how to make yorkshire puddings rise hot oven batter cooking recipe tips and tricks


  1. I have never attempted making yourkshire puds (always used frozen ones!) but I\’m going to give it a go! What kind of tray do they cook in? I have muffin tins but nothing with larger \’holes\’..! x #PickNMix

    • hmm I\’d say don\’t use muffin tins. i\’ll take a pic of the tin I have and update the post! It is a tin that has 4 \”holes\” and they are shallow ๐Ÿ™‚ I made them yesterday but put a bit too much oil in. I\’m still perfecting the quantity! I underestimate how much more \”liquid\” it becomes once it is hot!

  2. Ooh they look so good! I\’m almost embarrassed to admit that the last few times I\’ve done a roast dinner I\’ve used frozen yorkshires! x #KCACOLS

  3. wowzeroony! I\’ve never been able to make yorkshires but I am so going to try this – they look divine – I could eat the whole try – forget the roast! thank you so so much for sharing #KCACOL

  4. Those pudds look amazing! We LOVE them. Temperature is definitely key. Thanks you for sharing your lovely recipe ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS. Hope you return next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I\’ll have to give these a go – my family always made yorkshire pudding like a heavy cake consistency, which we all love, but my other half refuses to eat it. I normally have to buy him his own little bag of frozen ones. x #KCACOLS

  6. Fantastic Yorkshires. They are one of our families favourite foodie things and after years of fails and relying on Aunt Bessie I have finally perfected them…I use a Pampered Chef Stoneware 12 portion muffin (yorkshire) tray. No need to preheat, just add 2 cups plain flour, 2 cups milk and 4 eggs to a bowl and whisk well, put some vegetable oil in the muffin/yorkshire thingys in the stoneware tray and then add the batter. Then in a superhot (220 degreees fan-assisted) oven for 25 minutes. Spectacular…The stoneware muffin tray costs a fortune but I never have to buy Aunt Bessies again!

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. These look great! Yorkshires are a real favourite of mine down at the toby carvery but something I dont do that often at home because I don\’t think they will ever come out right. But now…… you might just of given me the edge! xx

    mainy – myrealfariy


  8. Omg I totally want a roast now. I cannot for the life of me make yorkshire puds…fail in the wife department…Yours look huge…even more yum..I may have to abandon Aunt Bessie and give your recipe a go! #KCACOLS

  9. These look fantastic! I love Yorkshire Pudding but haven\’t had it in such a long time. I\’m in Canada and there aren\’t too many places that make it around here. Delish #KCACOLS

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

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