How to Make a Musical Xylophone Snack in Five Minutes!

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Why do people buy babies Xylophones?!

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge this April, I’ve focused my posts on fun food. And we have come to X. X is for a toy I absolutely loath. The dreaded xylophone. Why do people insist on buying this as a gift for babies and toddlers?

I hated it when b was small because he would put the sticks in his mouth. I always worried the balls would come off, he’d choke and die. I hate the xylophone now at three because B likes to put the sticks in his mouth and run around. Erm no. And he likes to make huge amounts of unwanted noise :/

All in all, I don’t like xylophones!

I much prefer Duplo and quiet toys….And I’d even go as far as saying I prefer the mud kitchen to the xylophone.

This snack xylophone is free of noise and free of sticks though. You can be certain that it will make no unwanted noise.

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To make a snack XYLOPHONE, you need the following:

Some bread or oblong crackers
A variety of veggies and fruit
Some slices of cheese
Some slices of ham, turkey or chicken – whatever you have!

making healthy food fun for children and toddlers

Cut up a selection of bread, cheese, carrot, cucumber and tomatoes to make the “bars”. I cut them in to varying lengths and arranged them as a xylophone. I rolled up a slice of vegetarian Quorn chicken too. Ham would work well.

Add some blueberries to make the “pins” and used breadsticks for the mallets.

You can make this xylophone snack  in literally minutes. It didn’t take long at all. In fact it probably took me longer to google all the parts of the blinking Xylophone to write this post!

Get an Edible ink pen

Edible ink pens are great for writing on plates! You can get these online for a few quid.

Be sure to save this for later and pin it 🙂 You can follow me over on Pinterest for more fun food inspiration and general parenting “stuff” !

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  1. This is such a fabulous idea. I love meals that you can make fun and this is so much more exciting than a standard lunchtime sandwich. I\’ll be trying this one soon, I\’ll send you over a photo when I do. Thanks so much for linking up with #MinisMeals. Hope to see you again tomorrow x

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