How to Use a Mustard Yellow and Grey Colour Scheme in the Bedroom!

Decorating with Mustard Yellow and Grey decoraitng ideas and accessories

Mustard Yellow and Grey Colours in the Bedroom!

Mustard yellow and grey has to be my favourite colour schemes at the moment. I love the way the colours compliment each other and how they create a sense of calm. Having this in mind, I decided to decorate our master bedroom using these colours. Here are some photos. See what you think. They aren’t the best photos as it’s pretty dark in our bedroom. We lived in a townhouse so it’s right at the top of the house. We did move though and i’m planning to write up the mustard yellow decor in my new bedroom!. There is only one small window up there so the room is always fairly dark. Perfect for sleep 🙂

Decorating with Mustard Yellow and Grey decoraitng ideas and accessories

Dulux Travels Range

I chose a grey from the Dulux Travels range – pearl grey. I already decided to keep my white and silver wallpaper feature wall so I only had three other small walls to paint. I still used up two large tins of paint as one just wasn’t enough for the second coat.

My favourite bit about decorating is accessorizing! I wanted to create some feature walls and accessorize with the mustard yellow. Here are some photos.

These beautiful cushion covers are from the Range. The throw is also.


I aimed to include not just my “stuff”, but a mix of some of the things my hubby likes – note the Fear Factory signed set list and the light saber thing…I like to try and frame a variety of things and you can read some of my framing ideas here!

I then framed a photo of me as a baby with my nana and three maps, one for where hubby and I met, one for where we got married and one for where we live now.

home decor mustard yellow lifestyle mummy blog photo canvas

Frame it!

In the heart frame here, I framed some fabric off cuts and the Dulux card which includes the pearl grey. I really liked the central yellow and had played around with the idea of doing the feature wall in that yellow. Honestly though I couldn’t be bothered to strip the wallpaper. I also wanted to keep the main colours neutral so if a pink/grey green/grey scheme takes my fancy, I can change the accessories easily.

home decor mustard yellow lifestyle mummy blog photo canvas

I found the frame on the right hand side at The Range. I framed a Regina Wachtmeister postcard top left (I love her work!) and I machine embroidered some hearts using some yellow themed fabric.

home decor mustard yellow lifestyle mummy blog photo canvas

IKEA Frames

Here I use IKEA frames. They were in B’s room and you can see some of the nursery decor here, but I decided to re-use them upstairs. I simply framed some bits of wallpaper! Cheeky I know but so simple!

I also framed some bright yellow fabric. And the little birds, bottom left, I painted these myself – Pinterest inspired.

2016-04-15 10.32.42

home decor mustard yellow lifestyle mummy blog

And again, my favourite find of all, this beautiful throw and matching cushions in the Range.

2016-04-15 10.33.44

What colours do you love seeing together? Do you theme each room or add colour as and when you like it? If mustard and grey is a theme you like them don’t forget to pin some of the pics for later!

Decorating with Mustard Yellow and Grey decoraitng ideas and accessories



  1. Gorgeous!!!
    I really need to do our bedroom, and you have totally inspired me. I love how it\’s so simple, yet elegant. Those colors go together sooo well, which is funny because I never would have matched them myself. Nice work! <3 #KCACOLS

  2. Hi, I love this and have just introduced the mustard yellow into my conservatory to go with cream and grey, they look so good together. I love your idea of having the little colour card in the wall photo frame, really cute.
    You\’ve got a good eye for colour and everything looks so neat!! well done you:)

    mainy – myrealfairy


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