How to Make The Perfect Map Snack!

How to Make The Perfect Map Snack using healthy food vegetables for kids science STEM

The Perfect Map Snack!

Pre b I was really into travelling and loved planning a mega trip away with the hubby. Now we settle for Centre Parcs and Haven. You can read more about travelling and parenting here – Havana to Haven. I don’t miss relaxing holidays at all…

I’m not complaining, we’ve had some lovely holidays. But I do miss going away away. So to calm my itchy feet, I’ve become an arm chair traveler and right now I am LOVING the Usborne lift the flap map book. I got it more for me than I did for b! I’m a bit of a map geek to be honest and I really like framing maps too.

Global snacks

Anyways this map book inspired me to try a MAP themed meal…it didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped and honestly it was more faff than faff free.

Do I recommend making maps for dinner? Nope. But here we are. I made the world for tea 🙂

South America turned out a bit smaller than I’d hoped :/

What did i use?

To make your own map snack, first up download a black and white map of the world and print it off. I cut around the main continents and used these to guide me.

For the different countries you can see I use cheese and various bits of salad stuff – cucumber, carrot and tomato. Sausages make up the bulk of Africa. Why? I’ve no idea.

healthy food for children fun food map of the world food

Where’s italy?

And yes, I really didn’t include every single country ever. Someone actually messaged me on Twitter to say I’d left of Italy. Come on, give me a frickin break!

If you like this map and can accept that Italy is included in the “carrot” Europe bit, then don’t forget to share and pin !

How to Make The Perfect Map Snack using healthy food vegetables for kids science STEM




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