How to Make a Healthy Lion Veggie Snack!

Healthy Lion Veggie Hummus Snacks perfect for picky fussy eaters toddlers

Roaring Lion Veggie Snacks!

As part of our A-Z blogging challenge back in April, we thought L for Lion would work really well when it comes to fun food! We had Jelly Fish Jelly, Koalas and Igloos. Lions seemed perfect for the letter L! Don’t you think?!

Little b loved helping me put this snack together for him! I think we ate more than we made.

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What do you need to make your Lion?!

For this lion inspired snack, we used the following:

  • AΒ rice cake spread with hummus
  • Blueberry eyes
  • Red grape nose (cut into a triangle)
  • Carrot sticks for the mane
  • Cucumber whiskers
  • A couple of pretzels added to the mane too πŸ™‚ They are fab for dipping in hummus πŸ™‚

Get spreading!

First, spread the rice cake with any hummus. We used original but literally any would work.

Next arrange your carrot sticks around the edge of the rice cake to make the lion’s mane!

Add a few pretzels if you have them. You could also use red or yellow pepper to add to the mane.Healthy Fun Food for Children Me and B Make Tea_lion

Fruity Eyes!

Next add some eyes using blueberries or anything else “round” – grapes or raisins would work.

We cut a red grape in to a triangle to make the nose and mouth. We sliced up cucumber to make whiskers.

And there you go! A very quick and easy LION snack for your kids to enjoy. Be sure to pin it and save for later!

Healthy Lion Veggie Hummus Snacks perfect for picky fussy eaters toddlers


  1. this is so cool!! and definitely going to help encourage the little chap to eat more! luckily we are a lover of carrots so this is just amazingly delicious! Thanks for sharing #YumTum

  2. Incredibly sweet!! (Well, savoury… you know what I mean!) That is really inspired. I\’m going to try it with NG tonight (though don\’t have any pretzels. Maybe dog biscuits would work?? (Joking). #bloggerclubuk

  3. ahhh my daughter would eat the pretzels and that\’s it! useless girl. This is amazing.You are so clever. Hope it got scoffed! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworsr x

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