How Not to Grow Your Own!

As part of the A-Z challenge in April, G was for grow your own and how NOT to do it “Emma style”. I am useless at growing stuff. My mum will confirm. If you want a plant to die, give it to me! If you want a plant to thrive and flourish, give it to my mum! Honestly, check out her garden here, it is completely amazing and beautiful! This year I finally decided to grow some veggies. B was really interested in the one strawberry plant we had last summer, so I figured it would be nice for him this year. I typically miss the boat, proclaiming to my mum mid-June that we are going to “grow our own”, only for her to say too late. Anyway, mum made it easy for me and gave me a tray of seeds she already had going. We have cucumbers, pumpkin, beans, peas, tomatoes…! She also gave me a little greenhouse and a cover. What could go wrong? This, this is what went wrong.

gardening and grow your own for kids

The air was blue when I got home from work yesterday. FFS. The wind had blown the whole little green house over. By some miracle, the whole tray of seeds she gave me were intact!! The tray was upright and not one plant disturbed. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

My sunflowers had not done so well. The pots were terracotta and smashed to pieces. I was able to plant them back up though so all was not lost. I haven’t had much luck with the sunflowers. We had 14 seeds grow but only 5 or so have made it. Here they are when they looked like they were doing ok!

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