How to Make Egg Cupcakes – The Perfect Toddler Snack!

how to make healthy egg cupcakes for toddlers recipe and review

Make Super Easy Egg Cupcakes!

Ah, the mighty egg, what more is there to say ey. Hmm, don’t think I can get away with just posting that now can I 😉 The point of this post is to praise the egg as a great staple for weaning little ones. I remember eggs fondly when b was weaning. Most fondly when he vomited in his sleep unknown to us (I know I know, I feel awful and we’d even checked the baby monitor (VIDEO!) and still not noticed he’d been sick :/) We went in a bit later because he wouldn’t settle (yeah right ey) and he was covered in omlette vomit. Nice. That night kinda put me off omlette forever. For more weaning fun, here was our experience.

Anyways, point being, the options for serving eggs to your little ones are endless:

  • Scrambled
  • Boiled
  • Omlette
  • Muffin tin
  • Fritatta (posh omlette)
  • Poached – I’ve never been able to get this right though and I hate runny eggs so it just doesn’t work well.

Cupcake Eggs

One thing I have never tried is baking eggs in the oven, muffin tin style. I thought I’d give this a go as it seems to be all I see on Pinterest these days. I tried two different ways of doing this:

1 – I poured egg straight into the muffin tin.

2 – I poured egg into silicon cupcake cases.

Use silicon cupcake cases for easy egg cupcakes!

I can confirm, the cupcake cases worked much better, making egg cupcakes, with cherry [tomatoes] on top!

Making food fun for toddlers and children

Healthy food for children, babies, toddlers

Another quick and easy way for using eggs is to make savoury muffins. I recently tried out a recipe I found online and it worked pretty well! Read my tried and tested post here for cheese and broccoli muffins 🙂

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how to make healthy egg cupcakes for toddlers recipe and review


  1. I love the idea of egg cupcakes. One of my children loves scrambled eggs but the other one is not keen on eggs at all so this might be an idea to tempt her!

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