How to Make Cheese and Cucumber Carrots!

cheese and cucumber carrot snack fun for easter

Cheese and Cucumber Carrot Sandwiches!

Day three of the A-Z blogging challenge and we have cheese and cucumber carrot snacks. These are exactly as they sound, carrots made of cheese sandwiches, with cucumber tops. Super quick to make, super fun to eat 🙂 B gobbled these up in seconds!

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Make your own Carrots!

All you need for these is your favourite bread, we like the seedy type. Next pick a cheese – any will do. Actually ANY filling. If you are dairy free or vegan, perhaps some hummus and grated carrot (one of my faves). And then cucumbers. But again, think outside the box. No cucumber? Try pepper, lettuce, some celery sliced up…the choice is yours ;0)

Have you tried making food fun for your little one? I found that it really helped during our weaning journey. Things like rocket banana snacks and Bear Hunt roast dinners inspired b to try different foods.

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  1. Darling! I\’m going to have the kindergarteners I work with make these for a snack. Such a fun theme!

    Stopping by as part of Pam\’s Unconventional Alliance

  2. I am definitely a foodie!!! I love to cook but right now just trying to adjust to life with just the husband. Use to have 5 kids around to cook for now no one but the husband. So we usually just go out which is okay but I like to eat my cooking. I\’m sure I will figure it out. You life, just when you think you have it figured out, it throws you another curve ball. Blessings and I will follow, food looks amazing 🙂 Blessings <3

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