Blast Off Banana Rocket Breakfast!

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Blast into the day with Banana Rockets!

For day two of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, we have a cute banana rocket. Perfect for pudding, breakfast or as a healthy snack. We’ve made quite a few crazy things on the blog and on the crazy scale, this one is super easy! If you want something more challenging check out the map of the world snack and our BB8 sandwich!

How do I make a banana rocket?!

To make your banana rocket, slice up a banana and arrange it in a (kinda) rocket shape. We used sliced strawberries to make the flames and grapes for the windows.

Rocket alternatives could go something like this:

  • Triangle toast as the rocket ship and satsuma flames. Use any small fruit to decorate.
  • Triangle sandwiches used as the rocket ship. Try red, orange and yellow pepper strips for the flames 🙂
  • Layer up tortilla chips or pitta bread sliced into triangles to form your rocket ship. For flames, why not try some carrot sticks 🙂

Healthy Fun Food for Children Me and B Make Tea_blast off banana rocket

Randomly, B wanted to eat his rocket using a measuring cup. Whatever floats your boat ey buddy. And he ate it all. He can be fussy with banana.

Healthy Fun Food for Children Me and B Make Tea_blast off banana rocket2

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And for more fun food on Me and B – check out this fruit alternative to a fried egg…and our blueberry sheep : ) Have fun!

how to make healthy snacks for children toddlers babies kids fruit veg fussy eaters


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