The Perfect Dessert for Toddlers!

The Perfect Dessert for Toddlers healthy food ideas 5 a day

Perfect Dessert Ideas for Toddlers

I don’t really like ice cream. There you go, I said it. I know, I know, I must be mad but I can take it or leave it!

  1. It’s cold.
  2. It is creamy and milky (bluergh).
  3. And it’s cold. Enough said.

But the boy LOVES ice cream. What kids doesn’t right?

Ice cream fun in Burnham-on-Sea!

We recently visited Fortes, an ice cream café in Burnham-on-Sea and I had a water !

His grandma is obsessed with the stuff too and we have it anytime we are round for dinner. It was an ongoing joke when b was born that grandma would force feed him ice cream the second he started weaning! Eek! Anyways, that DID NOT happen lol and we introduced ice cream much later.

The blog started out as a way to make healthier food fun for b. I like coming up with alternatives to sugar-laden crap treats – a bit like watermelon pizza or these cute yogurt eggs

Getting 5 a day

Today on the blog I share a little trick which helps us get our 5 a day. It’s one way of presenting a “bit” of ice cream (not a granny portion!!) alongside fruit 🙂

Simply pop a spoonful of ice cream in the cone but top it off with your fave fruit 🙂 Does it look beautiful?!

food for children fun and healthy dessert alternatives sugar free children

If you enjoyed this post then take a look at some of our other fun food ideas on the blog! Watermelon windmills anyone?! Or perhaps these super cute Bee Oreo cookies?!

Don’t forget to pin for later too so you don’t forget 😉

The Perfect Dessert for Toddlers healthy food ideas 5 a day

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