How to Survive Rainy Days in 5 Easy Steps!

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It’s tough finding things to do with the little one when it rains! Do you find you get stuck in a bit of a rainy day rut? Are you looking for faff-free rainy day ideas that cost absolutely zero pennies?! Then read on…

Faff Free Rainy Day Ideas!

Now don’t be fooled. These ideas are a bit pants really, but they have certainly passed the time in our house! You could find better on Pinterest if you can be bothered toย look. I love Pinterest, don’t get me wrong, but some of the ideas require quite a bit of time and effort. And quite frankly, I don’t always have that. So here are our faff-free rainy day ideas, which involve zero effort, to keep cabin fever at bay:

A Box

Yep, the bigger the better. Get in it, push child around. You could make a boat, a den, a car, a bus, a train….you get it right. Hours of fun.

b in a box


This idea sounds pants but hear me out. I have a sewing room at home – I know I know – itโ€™s just a spare box room where I keep crafty stuff. So I had a pack of pom poms that Iโ€™d never used. B got hold of these and he LOVES them. Honestly, LOVES them. We throw them around, cover the cat in them, pretend to sneeze them out of our nose, put them in trucks/cars/diggers. They cost a quid in The Works or a pound shop and they keep B entertained for a while.

You can pretty much pick up anything in the discount shops to survive a rainy day inside!

2015-06-19 10.26.09


I know I know, bad mummy. Resorting to TV. But when it’s a rainy day, come 3 o clock ish, it’s nice to snuggle and just chill on the sofa with a film and some snackies. Right now we are loving the Jungle Book 2 on Netflix.

Just a little update for 2017 – we are loving The Chipmunks. Although I am not loving that song looping round in my bloody head all day!

zero effort rainy wet weather day ideas for kids toddlers babies simply easy quick how to entertain toddler at home

Duplo Robots

For some reason this keeps b entertained for a while. Building a robot out of Duplo. It keeps daddy entertained for a while too ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can’t go wrong with Duplo on rainy days can you?!

2016-03-25 09.29.51

Find the

…Happyland person. We typically set up a village and then hide one of the little people somewhere while b counts to ten in the hall. When he returns we do the โ€œyouโ€™re getting warm, cold, warmer, hotโ€ thing and give him clues to help him find whoever we hid. He loves it. You could play this game with any toys to be honest! A classic hide and seek with toys.

What do you do when it rains? Do you embrace the elements and go splash in the puddles? Or are you more of a snuggle up and keep warm type?

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  1. My son\’s are grown and gone and I read this and felt sweet moments flood my heart. My husband use to go to the local appliance store and get refrigerator boxes that are empty. He cut holes for Windows and boys colored their \”playhouse\” and I am talking all three boys sleeping in it and tons of imagination play on rainy days. Thanks for the memories.

    PS we made box cars too ๐Ÿ™‚ great ideas!

  2. I love these ideas! It\’s great to keep the kids entertained without incredible amounts of effort. We love doing crafts but not everyday. The simple ideas are the best. The hiding the toy one is fab, my kids love that! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk

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