What to Buy in Poundland This Easter and Spring!

Some of my Favourite Finds in Poundland this Easter!

I am a complete sucker for pound and discount stores. Especially now that I’ve been making more and more fun food like these watermelon windmills and Oreo bee cookies! I am always on the lookout for cheap cookie cutters, cocktail sticks and decorations.

I was not disappointed when I managed to pop into Poundland yesterday afternoon without little b. I don’t know about you but shopping with a toddler is a nightmare now. He just wants to run everywhere and grab anything. Oh the woes of the threenager. You can read about our fun times here!

Poundland Haul

Anyways, here is my Poundland haul. To be clear these are bits I purchased myself.

poundland easter gifts reviews decorations children for the home

They had some really cute stuff in there and I could have gone a bit mad. But I restrained myself and just picked up a few bits. B will love them. And the windmills are for our sunflowers. We have 14 in total – not all in this picture mind 🙂

2016-03-24 17.56.28

Have you been growing your own at all? Every year I say I will and I never get around to it. This year we are going all out and have planted a bit of everything!


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