We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – The Perfect Meal for Fussy Eaters!

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To be honest, I am pretty lucky with little b. He is (mostly) a good eater. He has his moments though and sometimes evening meals can be a struggle and I need to try and coerce him with his veggies. I am sure we’ve all been there! Sometimes I try and tell a story with food or integrate one of his favourite stories.

Last Sunday we tried “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” roast dinner style 😉 And it went something like this…

healthy fun food for children

For our bear hunt roast dinner, we used the following:

Uh-oh grass – I used green beans and sliced them in half. You could use cabbage, courgette noodles or asparagus. Oh…that would work lovely with the tips!

Uh-oh a river – hmm, I didn’t want to pour water into B’s dinner so I went with gravy for the river. I was going to use gravy for the meat but was struggling with something clear or blue to add, without it just being odd or a mess!

Uh-oh mud – instead of gravy, I used the roast beef. I guess you could use lamb, duck, veggie roasts or chicken or pork covered in gravy 😉

Uh-oh a forest – big surprise here, I used broccoli. You could do a mix with cauliflower though.

Uh-oh snow – we used mash for the snow. You could use cauliflower, or I guess rice or pasta (if you eat these with roast dinners…we don’t!).

Uh-oh a cave – one large Yorkshire pudding! The best bit! And B LOVED it! For our Yorkshire puds, I use 2 eggs, 70 grams of plain flour and 100ml of milk. The key is to get the oil and oven super duper hot. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with these babies. I know I can do better! Check out my Yorkie tips here!

Uh-oh a bear – ok so we didn’t have an actual bear (he was hiding in the cave) but you could make a bear if you really wanted to… I just couldn’t be bothered didn’t have time!

I know getting the little ones eating their veg can be challenging! Take a look at some of my other ideas to inspire your kids to eat their greens 😉 Veggie Vipers, Quack Quack Chicken Dinner and for some summer inspiration, palm tree sausage and veggies 🙂 Happy cooking and happy eating!

healthy fun food for children

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  1. Ditto to the yorksires! I love them and try but can never live up to the toby carvery\’s! Cute story and 10 out of 10 for the effort, you put me to shame;) x

    mainy – @myrealfairy


  2. This is such a cute idea! So inventive!!!! I don\’t have any kids to try this on. But maybe the next time I babysit my nephews I\’ll give it a try. 🙂

  3. What an original way to encourage them to eat all of it! I love the way you make food fun for them! I have to say, we are quite lucky because we also have a pretty good eater which I suppose has made me a bit lazy because I don\’t have to try hard :p We\’ve never made our own yorkshires before either so might have to give these a go! Thanks so much for linking this week 🙂

  4. Ooo that dinner looks yum! I\’d love to eat it myself. It\’s a great idea to make the meal more exciting with a bear hunt! Thanks so much for linking up with us! #bloggerclubuk

  5. I love this, Emma. Such fun and a brilliant idea to link it to a well known and loved story! 🙂 #MinisMeals

  6. This is such a great idea. I love how visual this is. My 21 month old is just a little too young to understand this concept but she loves rhymes and songs so I think she\’ll be all over this when she can put the two together. You are so clever. Thanks for linking up with #MinisMeals xx

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