Mashed Potato Sheep

It’s officially Spring!

Yay, sunshine here we come. Or not. It’s bloody typical that every weekend at the mo, it seems to rain. Which means swimming or soft play. Sigh. Then Monday comes and, bing, it’s spring. What’s that about ey?

Mashed Potato Sheep for Picky Eaters!

Anyway, so to inject a bit of “Spring” in to our Sunday lunch yesterday, we made a mashed potato sheep 🙂 And isn’t he cute! B has a bit of a love/hate relationship with potato. One minute he likes it, the next minute he doesn’t. Today he LOVED his mash 🙂

For this sheep, we used homemade cheesy mash, a pea and a bean (cut up for little legs). Done!

Fun food for children - Sunday Lunch

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