How to Make the Most of Early Mornings!

the pros of being up early with toddler and lack of sleep

There surely are no pros at all to being up early right? The one thing that I miss so much since having little b is SLEEP. And I didn’t realise how much I missed it until it was gone. That seems to be the way with most things doesn’t it.

B has actually been a pretty good sleeper but recently he’s been waking up super early, deciding it’s “wake up time” at 3am. Yeah. Not. Anything pre-7 is still the middle of the night in my book. Cue Gro-Clock on insta-amazon-order hehe. And it’s been working to some extent. It isn’t my favourite buy if I’m being honest and I’ve since included it on my list of baby items I wouldn’t use again. You need a flipping degree just to set the bloody clock.

pros of being a parent up early toddler babies

Anyways, the point of this post is to relish the positive aspects of being up so darn early. The productivity it yields. Over the last two and a half years (yawn), being up early has taught me a few things:

I can get shit done

Washing on, washing up done, lounge hoovered. All in the amount of time it takes to eat two Weetabix and watch a Peppa Pig. And this is pre-work. Boom. Done.

The early bird does indeed catch the worm

Many a time I’ve been front of queue for an Aldi baby event or a Lidl toy sale at 8am.

pros of being a parent up early toddler babies

Beat the Queues

It pays to be up and out on a weekend if you fancy doing something like soft-play. You really don’t wanna be getting there for 11ish. It starts to get manic. Manic soft play is not my thing. There are a few ingredients needed to have an enjoyable soft play session and being there early is one of them!

busy soft play how to survive toddlers

Enjoy a Full Day

We get to places earlier which means we enjoy more of the day. If we spend the weekend at my mum and dads, we are there by midday. Pre-b we’d be lucky if we got there at all after nursing Friday night hangovers.

So that’s about it really. I’d be scraping the barrel if I tried coming up with anymore reasons to justify being up at the crack of dawn. Is your little one an early riser or do you still enjoy a lie-in? Go away if you do!

pros of being up early with toddlers


  1. I\’ll agree with you that I get much more done now that I\’m up at the crack the dawn. I don\’t necessarily agree that it\’s worth it!

  2. While I love sleeping in, I do hate the feeling of wasted time when I sleep in so late. Waking up early gives me the morning to plow through all the errands and chores and still have all afternoon to relax, spend time with friends or family (or blog if I\’m smart). I\’m sure once you have kids, those few blessed moments of quiet are priceless. #anythinggoes

  3. Oh wow you are much more productive than me. I sit and drink coffee and think about all the stuff we need to do. No matter how hard I try we are always late out the door! I miss my sleep too, sad times when 8am is considered a lie in 🙁 xxx #AnythingGoes

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