My Little B and Funny Things the Boy Says!

children toddlers stress motherhood bee fruit srping themed food for fussy eatersQuick post to kick off Friday eve – my little b 🙂 B loves plums at the mo. And he calls them “Nanny Plums” Anyone familiar with Ben and Holly will know what I mean 😉

I love trying to integrate everyday little b stuff with food – it definitely helps him try more things. A Nanny Plum is much more appealing than a regular plum. Little b enjoyed these buzzing bees so much that he asked me to make more as soon as he was finished!

All you need for buzzing, busy bees are a few plums and grapes. Any fruit would work for the flowers…mix it up a bit! I just sliced red and yellow plums and mixed and matched the slices to make the stripes. They went down a storm!

Healthy Fun Food for Children

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