Havana to Haven – The Reality of Holidays with Toddlers!

holidays with toddlers tips tricks reality

Ok, strictly speaking, not Havana, but Cuba. Cuba was the last place mr D and I travelled to, before we had little b. I miss proper holidays! We used to travel so much. Asia, America. I must admit, I really do miss it. I miss flying, I miss the planning and organisation involved. I miss just heading off for three weeks without a care in the world. We did try a holiday holiday. You know, properly abroad and all. It was alright. If you call three trips to the doctor and a course of antibiotics alright :-/ another post, another time ey.

Living it up at Haven!

Our trips now are either to Haven or Centre Parcs. If I am being honest, pre-b, I would never have considered either. Centre Parcs just seemed too “sporty” for me, and Haven, well a bit..urgh, I just had visions of stag and hen parties and billions of rowdy kids. Anyways…..so we have done both, a few times now and dare I say, I was pleasantly surprised. The last “mobile home” type holiday I’d ever been on was a disaster. We were staying in this six berth mobile home (with the in-laws) and mr d and I had the smallest room. It was so small that the condensation ran down the walls, soaking us both. It was just gross.

holidays with toddlers tips tricks reality Haven devon cliffs review
Lush views and no mould. Always a winner.

Posh Caravans!

This time though we upgraded. Yep, a posh caravan. Central heating, double glazed. We went all out. And it was fab! I think because I was expecting it to be horrific, it turned out brilliant. The caravan was cosy and if anything, too warm. The site was great, the pool super clean, a load of stuff for b to do and enjoy. It was perfect.

holidays with toddlers tips tricks reality
Such lush views!

Here are some photos from our last Haven trip at Devon Cliffs. We had a super time. Mr d and I particularly love the clifftop restaurant and bar. It’s perfect for watching the sun go down with a glass of vino, while little man enjoys watching the waves and anything else that catches his eye.

holidays with toddlers tips tricks reality
The beach top restaurant 🙂

After holidaying at a few different Haven parks, I wrote a post on why we like Haven.

holidays with toddlers tips tricks reality
Happy boy enjoying the beach

Do you miss “adult” holidays? Have you swapped luxury all-incs for Haven caravans? Or perhaps you’re one of these who just carry on! Share with me your toddler experiences in the comments 🙂

holidays with toddlers tips tricks reality


  1. We visited Havana and Cuba before we had a child too!! I know what you mean. Although I am starting to love our little stay cations although we also had a bad mobile home experience too (perhaps without the condensation) so now tend to try and find cottages. We found one in Devon for 6 nights for £200!! bargain. Although it doesnt have the bar over looking the sea which sounds great.Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

    • Wow -that cottage in Devon sounds amazing! You\’ll have to send me the link! That is a complete bargain. The bar overlooking the sea is fab – only if you have a compliant child haha. Overall ive been impressed each time weve stayed at a Haven. we have another trip coming up in April so fingers crossed it goes to plan. We upgraded to a caravan with decking so im hoping the sun will shine.

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