How to Make Food Fun – Fruity Solar Systems!

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I don’t know about you but my boy is OBSESSED with space right now.

Is it just a boy thing?

I can’t say as I only have one son, but he’s obsessed. He loves the moon and has taken a real interest in the solar system. I recently got one of the lift the flap books about Space and I think this has sparked his interest even more.

I was lying in bed the other night (as you do) and thought, hey what if we try and make the solar system out of fruit?! So there I am, middle of the night, planning fruit solar systems. And here we have it. Hope it was worth the loss of sleep haha.

Healthy Fun Food for Children Me and B Make Tea_Planets

For this fruit solar system I used the following:

An orange, a kiwi, a strawberry, some grapes and blueberries.

Oh and a thin slice of banana – using the peel to create Saturn’s rings.

I used some dried coconut to make stars. Although b thought it was snow. This really was one of the quickest fun food plates I’ve made – it took minutes. You literally just have to slice fruit!

To be honest, the plate is super bare. It would work better on a blue/black plate or tray. Also, I didn’t serve b just a few grapes and half a slice of orange for tea! I made a few fun food things today and served him a number of different plates. I also didn’t waste any fruit – in case you were wondering 😉 You can check out some of my tips for using up leftovers here.

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solar system space astronomy fruit fun food sandwiches party toddlers kids ideas snacks treats dinner roast dinner


  1. Definitely not a boy thing my threenager loves space. Everything about it. She looks at the stars with her mom and the library has run out of kids books on space for her. I guess on to the adult books from now on. Most kids watch kids cartoons mine watches NASA TV and is fascinated.

  2. Wow! This is so cool!! I love the originality with the food. I definitely didn\’t think that you\’d only given him bits of fruit for tea or that you were a fruit waster, just that you are very creative and fun! Thanks for linking up with us! #bigpinklink

  3. Such a cool idea. When we did space at school I was really taken with it. So much so that I convinced my babysitter to let me watch Alien at the grand age of 9. Big mistake!


  4. haha I absolutely love this! the little monster is learning about space after Easter as well so that will be a perfect tie in (and an excuse for him to eat fruit!) thanks for linking this week to #YumTum xx

  5. This is brilliant, so creative! My eldest is space obsessed on and off, I\’m not sure if it\’s a boy thing, I do remember being interested in it when I was younger. Maybe not quite as much as he was. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

  6. I’ll be headed to the store today to pick up some ingredients to make this is a large Jello form for my daughters class. I just hope mine turns out as pretty and it engages the children in her class.

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