Victoria Park in Bath – The Perfect Place to Play!

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Today is Sunday and we had the best day in Bath! I used to have a bit of a love/hate Sunday relationship. On the one hand, it’s a day off, a day of relaxation. On the other, its Monday eve – and that means almost the start of a new week…bah. I used to be a bit pessimistic about Mondays, but since being the new “positive” Emma, I now try and embrace the new week. New challenges, new opportunities, new things to look forward to. And it has been working, mostly 😉

Today has been great. I feel like I’ve not seen b properly the last few days. I popped him in to the nursery Friday – it’s usually our day off together but we are thinking about moving and I needed to get the house in a fit state for photos. Eek. Then Saturday b went to his auntie’s house, as again, we were house viewing and it’s just easier without a toddler hanging off your leg. So today was dedicated to family. And what a beautiful, sunny, family day it was!

Fun in Bath at Victoria Park

Off we set, all smiles and giggles.  I’d heard the playground is awesome there so we thought we’d make a day of it. We get off the m4 and head down the a46 towards Bath.

Oh, there seems to be a diversion in place.

Oh it’s the Bath half Marathon.

Ohhhh. FFS.

bath half marathon victoria park reviews fun toddlers

That’s what my initial thoughts were. Brilliant, great, of all the bloody days to pick to come to Bath! Grr. And I should have known this because my boss was running and had spoken about it in the week! Go Emma. There will be no parking, it will be heaving, blah blah blah.


So we got parked, FREE (!!) inside Victoria Park. Honestly couldn’t believe it. And we ambled down to the playground. And WOW! It really was amazing. Here are some of my photos from the morning.

bath half marathon victoria park reviews fun toddlers
Such a cool playground!

It was a bit nippy but they have a little café on site so we picked up a hot chocolate and coffee. My one gripe, the loos were those stupid 20p ones. I just think it’s immoral to charge for a bloody pee. We had a lot of fun and found we weren’t bothered at all by the marathon that had kicked off at 11ish. Until of course we decided to go find a pub for lunch.

bath half marathon victoria park reviews fun toddlers

Never try and cross the road during a marathon!

We managed to cross the runners at first but couldn’t get in to Bath town centre at all. Oops. Managed to find a Sainsbury’s and got ourselves some sarnies and sausage rolls. “Posh” sausage rolls may I add…haha.

2016-03-13 11.52.16-1

If I’d been “plan ahead super mummy” I’d have planned ahead and packed a super duper, fancy picnic. But, well, I’m not that perfect so we settled for shop bought stuff. And we couldn’t get back to the park coz of the runners! Hats off to everyone taking part! I honestly don’t think I could walk thirteen miles, let alone bloody run it. B loved it. He saw a running penguin, tiger, Stormtroopers and even a hot and cold water tap duo! The runners thinned out towards the end and we made it back to the park for our little picnic and a bit more playtime.

bath half marathon victoria park reviews fun toddlers

Beautiful bath

If you are in the Bath area with kids, I 100% recommend Victoria Park. Parking is free on a Sunday and then pay and display Monday through to Saturday for a max of four hours. Oh and don’t forget the 20ps if you pee a lot!

Have you visited Victoria Park? Have you been to Bath? I absolutely love Bath and we hope to visit again really soon 🙂

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  1. I am never organised enough to sort out a picnic – snacks and drinks yes, picnic no (unless we\’re going somewhere with no food!) In the same way, I never have the right change for toilets either – even if I\’d be happy to pay, I just find an empty purse… Sounds like a fun day even with the runners in the middle. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

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