How to Make Delicious Fruit Pots for Spring!

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Fruit Presentation for Fussy Eaters

For me, presentation is everything when it comes to food. I’m a pretty fussy eater and if it doesn’t look nice, I don’t wanna eat it. My husband knows me too well and always cuts toast into four triangles for me 🙂 I’m sorry but I just can’t stand being handed a slice of toast, not even cut across the middle – square or triangular! Today on the blog we look at presenting fruit in a fun way for little ones!

Presentation is everything!

I find with little b that presentation can make the difference between eating something and, well, not eating something. So I am continually looking for unique ways to present his snacks and food.

One way is to use cups and glasses. Yes I know, glass and toddlers don’t mix well, but if you are supervising them, it should be fine…

Today on the blog I show you how really simple presentation can make the world of difference to a pretty bog standard fruit salad!

Simply chop your fruit and layer it in a glass, like below!

how to encourage toddlers to eat fruit
Here we have a simple fruit salad, but presented in one of Mr D’s whiskey glasses 🙂 I love the layers of colour and B loved the little spring bunny pick that he used to eat his fruit. Simple, quick and easy.fruit pots for fussy eaters

You can pick up spring themed food picks in most of the discount shops at the moment. Some other tips on food preparation and using cup cake cases and edible food pens can be found here! If you fancy trying some fun food – think Lions and Watermelon umbrellas, then this post featuring 5 fun snack ideas is perfect!

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