Five Free Things To Do in Somerset and Bristol This Spring!

5 free things to do in somerset bristol taunton spring easter holidays twitter

Looking for something cheap, or even better, free, to do in Somerset and Bristol? If you are in the area this spring and summer then I absolutely recommend the following places to check out if you have toddlers. From parks to city farms, there is so much in the area to keep little ones busy. You really don’t need to spend a fortune.

Here are my top five, free(ish) places to head to in the Somerset/Bristol area:

Vivary Park, Taunton

  1. Vivary Park in Taunton. We LOVE Vivary park for a few reasons. The playground is AWESOME. And I mean AWESOME. You’ve got stuff for the younger kids, the older kids, sand play, water play, loads of benches and lots of grass to picnic on. It really is lovely. And the bonus, you can always tie it in with a bit of shopping in Taunton as the high street is so close. Vivary park is also lovely for a mooch. There are loads of pretty flowers beds, trees and some fountains.

The Water Park, Weston-super-Mare

2. The Water Park in Weston-super-Mare. If the weather is good, the water park, along the seafront, is definitely worth checking out. We spent a number of summer days splashing about here. The entry is a quid or two and well worth it. Even if the weather isn’t amazing, the adventure playground bit is still a lot of fun for little ones. And what I like is that afterwards, you can pop into one of the nearby pubs for a bite to eat and glass of vino if you fancy 😉

the water park weston super mare review bristol
Ah look how tiny he is here!

Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol

3. Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol. We discovered Blaise after reading about it on Emily’s Bristol Playground blog here. We were not dissapointed! The playground is brilliant. It has a fab sandpit play area with a huge pirate ship in the middle. Little b absolutely loved this. It also had a cafe, toilets, loads of picnic benches and play areas for older kids. We took a walk around the Blaise estate grounds too and it was lovely. And the car park was free! Fantastic for a cheapy day out if the weather is good. Although we took our niece here a few months later and she and b argued non-stop!

Also, I enjoy Emily’s blog so much that I feature it in my top five family travel blogs 🙂

Hengrove Play Park, Bristol

5 free things to do in somerset bristol taunton spring easter holidays
Fun at Hengrove Playpark

4. Hengrove Play Park. Again, another Bristol based park discovered on Emily’s blog above. It did not disappoint! The play areas were great and the sand pit and water play really amazing. Little b loved it and we had a great day out. There was so much to do and you could easily spend a whole day there!

Windmill Hill City farm, Bristol

5. Windmill Hill City Farm. Windmill Hill City Farm is exactly that, a farm in the city. I hadn’t been before but some friends had recently moved to Bedminster and we decided to give it a go with little man. I honestly thought it was brilliant. There was a play area, a café, farm animals and a duck pond. And of course lots of “growing” throughout the beautiful gardens. It really was a lovely morning, made even better by sunshine and hot chocolate.

There are literally so many more fab places to visit in the area. I feel so lucky to live in this part of the country 🙂 Have you been to Bristol or Somerset recently?

5 free things to do in somerset bristol taunton spring easter holidays


  1. Thanks for such an informative post! We are on our travels with 2 quite boisterous boys so need all the tips we can get. Thank you!


  2. We go to Blaise all the time as it\’s near where we live. Been to Windmill Hill too, but not the others. Thanks for the suggestions!

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