Tropic Skincare Review – How to Make Busy Mums Feel Beautiful Now!

tropic skincare review susan ma alan sugar apprentice winner

Not strictly a “foodie” post but hey, these new skincare products I just bought have loads of plant-based goodness in them! Food for the skin. And not strictly a toddler/kid post either but I’m a mum in search of some pamper time and wanted to share with you my experience of using Tropic Skincare products.Tropic skin care review

I am in no way affiliated with the company and was only introduced to the products when a mummy friend recently became an ambassador for the company (and I’m super proud of her! Her first host party was amazing!). The company, Tropic, was founded by a woman called Susan Ma. You may recognise the name if you were an Apprentice fan in 2010.

Anyone can hold a Tropic party. You just need to find a rep in your local area. I still need to get my bum in gear and organise my party!

At the party, said mum friend went through a number of the skincare and make up products. One thing that stood out for me was the smell of the products. They all smell completely divine! Honestly, you’ll want to eat them.

I opted for the skincare set which included the regular cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I really love the cleanser because it smells absolutely divine (eucalyptus) and it can be used in the shower, as well as on dry skin. I’ve been a bit lax with the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise routine so I can’t comment on the toner yet…oops. But I will comment on the moisturiser which is lush.

tropic moisturiser susan ma apprentice alan sugar reviews tried tested

Probably my favourite by far. It just smells so yummy. I also got a cooling eye gel, which also smells lush and feels amazing. It has a little metal roller ball which stays cool all the time. It’s perfect for those nights when the little one decides sleep is for losers.

tropic moisturiser susan ma apprentice alan sugar reviews tried tested
Perfect for mummas up all night !

The skincare set also included the brightening polish. Now since this is an independent review, I will be honest with you, I used this and afterwards my cheeks were pretty red! I was surprised because I’m luckily not really allergic to anything and can pretty much use any skincare or make up products.

My “theory” is that I scrubbed just a bit too hard in the shower. Oops. It is pretty coarse and more so than other facial scrubs I’ve used.  I’ve been using a cheapy face scrub (think pound shop type) and they aren’t that great really. After a few hours the redness had gone down and since using the polish, my skin has been fine.

So there, my first pamper party for a while, and my first horrid hangover for a while too! If you do fancy checking out the Tropic Skincare range, you can do so here.

tropic skincare review susan ma alan sugar apprentice winner

Just a note that this isn’t a sponsored post and I am in no way affiliated with Tropic.


  1. My sister is a rep for Tropic, and it’s amazing isn’t it?!
    Personally I’m not a fan of a lot of the smells, but I do love the foundation box set they have and the bar of soap! I’ve yet to try more of it all, but with it being so good and natural, we’d be silly not to use it! 🙈 Xx

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