3 Rainy Day Ideas You Need to Try in North Somerset!

3 Awesome Rainy Day Ideas in North Somerset bristol m shed reviewI don’t know about you but if it’s a rainy weekend, it’s game over. I have a few friends who love to don their wellies and get out and about in the mud. I honestly can’t think of much worse! I know, I know, I’m boring and but it’s just so mucky and icky. I tried the whole “rainy day out” thing a while ago and it ended with me carrying b to the car without trousers, socks, or shoes. What a disaster. I was clearly not prepared. We tend to stay in now on rainy days!

Today on the blog I share with you a list of a few failsafe ideas for when wet weather strikes. If you find yourself in the Bristol area with a child and a weather warning then this is what you need to know!

The M Shed in Bristol

The M Shed in Bristol is fab for a number of reasons. It is huge and has some really non-kiddie interesting stuff. There is enough “stuff” to entertain the kids. As a toddler, B loves the M Shed. If it is a dry day, you can walk along the harbour, take a look at the SS Great Britain or even take a boat trip. We plan to do this soon and I can’t wait!

m shed bristol review toddlers suitable day out bristol what to do
You can just see the M Shed in the background as we passed.

Brean Soft Play in Brean

In my opinion the best soft play in the area. And I’ve been to a fair few. I like Brean because it is clean and the equipment is in good condition. It just feels clean if you know what I mean! The food is pretty reasonable too, with a good variety. The soft play area is split into under 4s and then overs. B goes in both to be honest. There’s loads to do and he particularly likes the bit where you can fire soft balls at the other kids, or mums and dads!


Cadbury Garden Centre, Yatton

Cadbury Garden Centre near Yatton is great because there really is a lot to do there. First you have the toy section. We’re usually able to bribe B out of this section with the promise of seeing the animals. They have a pet area with rabbits, birds, reptiles, fish. This is where B decided Nemo eats chips.

After the animal section, you can head towards the café and they have a soft play area you can enter for a couple of quid or so. All in all, you can definitely waste a few hours wandering around Cadbury’s 🙂 The bit I like best is the shop at the end. They have an amazing deli and butcher counter and some lush chutneys and jams. Well worth a little look. And if it’s Christmas then check out the Santa’s Grotto where we had lots of fun!

3 Awesome Rainy Day Ideas in North Somerset bristol m shed review


  1. Rainy afternoons were made for snuggles and movies…in my book anyway! But, if you just need to get out – you gotta do what you gotta do! Thanks for linking up these ideas with #coolmumclub…I went to brean sands on holiday once, loved it!

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