Vanilla Activia Caterpillar Yogurt

**Warning, no CATERPILLARS were killed in the making of this blog post!**

Ah the joy of toddlers. And the joy of language learning. I really do find it fascinating how my little boy picks up pretty much anything you say now. He is like a little sponge, absorbing knowledge! What I particularly love at the moment is his chit-chatter. He is a complete chatterbox and natters on about all sorts of things day and night. His imagination has no limits, as well as his appetite!

So I was surprised the other day to hear that no, he did not want a vanilla yogurt. “Erm why?” I asked him, “you love yogurt, why not try this vanilla one?” Anyway, I didn’t think much of this and went about the day as usual. Next morning our convo goes as follows:

Me: Little b, would you like a yogurt?

B: Yes mummy, not caterpillar yogurt

Me: Huh? What do you mean caterpillar yogurt?

B: I not like caterpillar yogurt

Me: (wtf?) (thinks…) (things starting to click) ahhh you mean VANILLA yogurt?

B: Yes, I not like caterpillar yogurt

And so he goes on about not liking caterpillar yogurt pretty much every time I ask him if he wants an Activia Vanilla yogurt! He must have thought I was absolutely bonkers asking him if he wanted a caterpillar yogurt 🙂 One flavour he DOES really like, and of which I’m a huge fan of as well is the Fig flavoured yogurt. Yum yum 🙂




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  1. Ha Ha Ha! I think my little one is going to be a chatterbox. He \”talks\” all the time to me now at 8 months. I\’m looking forward to it. I think. It will give me stories to tell though!!

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