How to Make a Cute Spring Bunny Sandwich!

How to Make a Cute Spring Bunny Sandwiches fussy picky eaters toddler wont eat

See, I kept my promise – an onslaught of spring themed food for you 🙂 Today we try cute spring bunny sandwiches. These are super easy to make if you have a few cookie cutters to hand. They are perfect for picky toddlers and fussy children too – give them a try next time you are stuck for ideas.

Want to make your own bunny?

If you want to make your own bunny, grab a large circle cookie cutter. This will make the face.

Next use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make ears. You could cut them using a knife but I found the heart gave nice ear shapes.

I then use a black icing pen to make the whiskers. You can pick up icing pens in any of the main supermarkets. You’ll find them in the baking aisle.

I did experiment with some pepper as whiskers but it didn’t quite work out :/

Pepper nose and blueberry eyes

I did use red pepper for the nose and then used blueberries for eyes and tiny pieces of cucumber for the pupils. You can use a straw to punch tiny holes out of fruit and veg to make eyes. For more tips on making food eyes, take a read here.

Next I cut some triangles from some orange cheese we had in the fridge to make “carrots”. You could just use carrots of course… I used bits of cucumber skin to make the carrot tops. Some herbs or lettuce would work but we had none in.

And there, loads of cheese waste. Now I want to draw attention to that because it DID NOT get thrown away. You could just eat it of course but instead I “hid” it under my bunny face. So little b still gets his bits of cheese, nothing gets wasted. Everyone is happy. And tadah – bunny sandwich snack:

how to make easter bunny spring sandwiches fussy eaters picky toddlers
Isn’t he cute?!

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How to Make a Cute Spring Bunny Sandwiches fussy picky eaters toddler wont eat


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