How to Make Spring Flowers out of Fruit!

It’s nearly here! Spring! I am so done with winter now. It’s blinking freezing and I long for warm, summer days. Well, that’s if we get warm, summer days here in the UK! In reality, warmish, wet, drizzly and grey summer days. Blah. We took little b to our local farm park this morning, Puxton Park.


We’re members so we pop in as and when we want to. It’s pretty cool tbh as we tend to do something completely different each time we go. Today little b enjoyed the sandpit and we took a walk up to the meerkats and cows. We call the meerkats “little Jerrys” because they remind us of our puss cat, Jerry. I tend to refer to him as the little “sod” because he is never far from causing trouble. Honestly, he is worse than having a toddler sometimes.

2014-09-30 17.46.52

Anyways, the food focus for this post is spring flowers and it is super easy to make cute flower pictures from pretty much any fruit. Here are some examples below for you to try 🙂


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