How to Make a Green Veggie Sunhine Risotto

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂 Hope you are having a good one. It’s beautiful weather in the south west. A bit nippy, but sunny nevertheless. I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front but thought I’d share our experiences of cooking a veggie risotto.

We made this a couple of weeks ago and it goes down well with mr d and little b. The recipe comes from the Rose Elliott New Complete Vegetarian cookbook. You can find the recipe here though if you want to try it. We mixed it up a bit too and added asparagus, broccoli and red onion. I also did some carrots for little b. An easy sunshine bowl of Risotto:

In terms of cooking this from scratch, it was fairly easy. I like a recipe that is quick to make and requires minimal faff. I also like recipes that involve the little man. You can read more tips here on involving children in the kitchen!

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