How to Make Lemon Chicken in a Pan

I saw this video from MyRecipes on Facebook a few weeks ago and it looked super yum. I thought I’d give it a go. Mr d and little b were impressed!

What I found more impressive was little b’s help in prepping this. Simple tasks he helped with:

  • seasoning the chicken with salt and pepper
  • bashing the chicken with a rolling pin to flatten it
  • popping all the chopped new potatoes in a pan of water
  • stirring the stock
  • measuring out flour to thicken the sauce

For more tips on getting your toddler involved in cooking, take a read here.

We’ve tried this recipe a few times now, changing it up a bit each time. We added peas and onions and I found a teaspoon of sugar just took the sour edge off the lemon sauce. Evened it out a bit 🙂

Overall, B and I really enjoyed cooking this meal together. I find getting him involved helps keep him entertained while I can still keep an eye on him.

Do you find involving your child with cooking makes it easier to cook and also makes them more willing to try the final meal?! The meal which b loves the most is this Sunday roast, adapted to suit “we’re going on a bear hunt” – yep that’s correct, the different bits of the meal make up the bear hunt! He loves it!

It is the perfect meal idea for fussy and picky toddlers. I find that reading the story while we eat kind of takes his mind off eating – and hence he eats more of the good stuff… What tips do you have?! Share in the comments with me please!

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