Making Water Fun

It seems that wherever you look online, there are hundreds of very cool ideas for flavouring water. I haven’t tried any yet but I have been keen on trying the hot water/lemon thing to kick start my mornings. I’m not a huge fan of hot drinks so though so instead I thought I’d try frozen lemon and lime juice, added to my morning glass of sparkling water. And it worked a treat! This is Pinterest inspired, so I definitely cant take credit. Here’s what I did though and it literally took less than five minutes to prep.

1 – squeeze lemons and limes. I picked this juicer up in Wilko for about a quid.

2016-02-16 16.34.02

2 – add a bit of water to the juice and distribute it evenly in an ice cube tray.

2016-02-16 16.36.51

3 – when the juice cubes are frozen, pop them out into a container and enjoy 🙂

Little B absolutely loves these juice cubes at the mo. We’ve tried lemon and lime juice but you really could use a variety of different fruits 🙂





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