5 Items That Transform Lunchboxes!

how to make fun food bento style lunchboxes kids toddler party review template example tutorial

You don’t need to spend a fortune to transform your child’s meal or lunchbox. Check out our top 5 me and b fun sandwich posts to inspire you! Think BB8 and Thomas the Tank Engine sandwiches!

I find a lot of the things I use can easily be found in any of the regular pound and discount stores. Next time you are shopping, look out for the following:

Cupcake cases

These are fab because they can be used to pop snacksย in or separate lunchboxes. You can get the regular paper ones but I love the silicon ones, especially if im putting something like coleslaw or cous cous in b’s lunchbox.

2016-02-07 10.20.29

2016-02-07 10.19.41

2016-02-07 12.27.33

Cocktail sticks/food picks

These are handy for lunches and can entice little b to eat up his veggies. I often find them in the party section and they are sometimes sold as a set with cupcake cases. We keep a whole selection of these to hand ๐Ÿ™‚

2016-02-07 10.16.45

Ice cube trays

Useful for freezing yogurt for a healthier alternative to ice cream – I find they do not work well for jelly :/

2016-02-07 10.23.56

Cookie Cutters

Ideal for cutting sandwiches, fruit and veggiesย into fun shapes. Fruity flowers anyone?!

2016-02-07 12.23.18


You can pick up soooo many food containers in the pound shops. Regular Tupperware style or fun lunchboxes like these ones. I find they are ideal for then using silicon cupcake cases to hold various food items.

2016-02-07 12.26.42

So there you go, a few tips and tricks for making fun lunchboxes. And it doesn’t have to take an age either. Trust me, I hate faffing on!

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how to make fun food bento style lunchboxes kids toddler party review template example tutorial





  1. I love these ideas! I really need to try freezing yoghurt as an ice cream alternative! My daughter would steal it if she could! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  2. Great ideas! My little one starts nursery next month and will be taking packed lunches, and I really want to make them special!! These tips will really help me out! ๐Ÿ™‚ #KCACOLS

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