“Jaffa” Rice Cakes

So little man really loves rice cakes. I like them too because they are easy to pop in my handbag and not too messy when out and about. Little b particularly likes the ones coated in chocolate. Here I use the Kallo milk chocolate rice cakes.

One way we came up with adding in some fruit, was to make them an inside out version of the “Jaffa” cake – so fresh orange slices on top of the chocolate bit.

I don’t actually think b has ever had a Jaffa cake. And if you are across the pond, you might not be aware of “Jaffa” cakes either… :/ I remember doing a UK vs. USA taste test with an American friend and his family. The Jaffa cakes went down well, as did the beans on toast. I can’t say I was that fussed with the hot tamales and twinkies :S

2016-01-20 07.38.46

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