Sandwich Snakes!

Little b’s nursery focused on nutrition this week. I got invited in to make some fun food with the littles. The littles being pre-schoolers and B’s toddler group. I thought it would be fun to make “sandwich snakes” with them! This is something I tried last summer for b’s second birthday. It went down really well with the kids today! They were very excited when I added the “eyes”!

I took in a range of cookie cutters so the children could pick and chose the shapes they wanted to make. We made ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches and also sliced some boiled eggs to add a bit of variety. Basically anything goes when it comes to sandwich snakes! Want to make a sandwich snake at home? All you need are the following ingredients and items:

Bread – a mix of brown and white works well. I’d say thin/medium slices work best.

Fillings – whatever you like – ham, cheese, tuna, egg, hummus – literally anything.

A cucumber.

Cookie cutters – I use round but any other shapes would work – star/heart/square snakes?!

Make up your sandwiches – as many as you need – and use your cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. Have lots of leftovers – eat as you go or pop the leftover filling in to the shaped sandwiches.

Chop about two inches off the cucumber to make the head, and an inch or so for the tail.

Slice your cucumber up – you don’t have to use all of it. Just as much as you want. The rest will keep in the fridge. And then put your “snake” together. I alternated sandwich, cucumber, egg etc. Shape the snake as you go.

For the tongue, I used a tiny slice of ham. For the eyes, you could either draw these on with an icing pen, use raisins or cut small holes using a straw – ill pop some pictures on for “eye” tips over the weekend 🙂

And tadah – sandwich snake! Inspiration taken from the Annabel Karmel site 🙂

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