I heart fruit

I feel like this post is a bit of a cop-out to be honest. I can’t say I put a lot of effort into these hearts. The cookie cutter did all the work. But then this is what this blog is about – making food fun in minutes, not hours! The best fruit for this type of stuff is flat fruit – sliced melon – watermelon is ALWAYS a winner! Here I use kiwi fruit and some mango. Now I have to say, the mango was a bit of a faff as it was a bit too ripe. Juice went everywhere and a lot of the hearts fell apart. I ended up eating most of them – yum! As you can see below, I skewered the best ones and popped all the off cuts underneath!

2016-01-11 17.30.01

Kiwis work incredibly well and slicing the grapes works well – they kind of naturally stick back together 🙂 Little b couldn’t wait though and decided to tuck right in before I took a pic.


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