Sandwich lollies

There are loads of ways to make sandwiches a bit more interesting for the little ones. Even I get sandwich fatigue. Mr d, however, quite happily has cheese and chutney everyday and has done so for the last eight years.

Today I’m going to try out sandwich lollipops.

For these cute lollies you need:

  • Bread – any will do.
  • Fillings – I’ve used hummus and grated carrot but again, any fillings would work. Cheese and chutney?! Ham and tomato, egg and cress, tuna etc etc etc
  • Something to make the sticks – Now you could use cake pop sticks or wooden ice lolly sticks but I wanted to use something edible. My favourite stick substitutes are:
    • sliced pepper
    • slice celery
    • pretzels
    • breadsticks
  • Cookie cutters – now these are optional. you don’t need a cookie cutter, you could simply slice your bread in to small squares. I like the idea of creating circles, hearts and stars though. B

Make a regular sandwich and cut the shapes you want to make. Leftovers? Simply eat them as you go or pop them in a cupcake case with a fun food pick 🙂

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