Nemo Fish and Chips

Not at all “creative food” related but I wanted to share. I absolutely love the creativity that little b has. I adore his observations about the world around him and I love it even more so that I can have a conversation with him and he can tell me what he sees and thinks.

Last weekend it was a miserable, dreary, Somerset day. One of my go-to rainy day activities with little b is to head to the local garden centre. So off we trot, having a look around the toy section first, avoiding the delicate home section and heading over to see the animals. B is not at all interested in the rabbits and reptiles…he wants to see one thing – Nemo.

So we set out on our quest to find Nemo. There are hundreds of fish tanks, thousands of fish and not one bloody Nemo. Fortunately, just as b was starting his whinge campaign, we spotted a dark orange fish with a stripe. Could we fob b off? We’d bloody well give it a good go! Another mother came rushing over after she overheard mr d and I enthusiastically gush “THERES NEMO! WOW, WE FOUND HIM!!” Luckily little b was none the wiser, crisis averted and we could carry on with our mooch to the Christmas sale bit. As we were walking out of the aquarium section though, little b shouts loudly “there’s Nemo… he eating a chip” and points up. And sure enough, there he was!

Mummy and Monkeys


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