Rice Cake Robins

Now to be honest, I’m not overly happy with this robin. He just doesn’t look right somehow. I could try making him again but that means more faffing about in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating fun food for little b but the whole point of this blog is to be real, not perfect. And well, I am a real working mum, who doesn’t get multiple “takes” in the kitchen with this stuff. So here he is – mr rice cake robin. Little b was happy!

2015-12-09 16.34.39

He was easy to make – one chocolate rice cake, some strawberries arranged to make him a red breast. I used raisins on white chocolate buttons for the eyes and then dug into a box of muesli to see what could make a beak. I think it’s a dried papaya bit. He probably needs some feet too – you could use pretzels or small bits of banana. I did try to make wings out of dried banana bits but you aren’t missing much with them pretty much cut out of the photo!



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