Mushroom Pizzas

So I’m not talking about adding mushrooms to pizza, I’m talking about making your pizza out of mushrooms 🙂 Check these babies out!

2015-11-18 16.03.18

They were really quick to make and tasted yummy. I used regular mushrooms and I deliberately picked out larger ones than I usually would. You could use button ones but I don’t think you’d get much tomato sauce in them :/

To make these cute pizzas, remove the stalk, fill the mushroom with any pizza sauce – homemade if you have the time?! And sprinkle over some cheese. I used cheddar here – that was all I had.

I baked these mushrooms for around 15-20 minutes at 200c. Basically until the cheese had browned a bit. They could have done with maybe a few more minutes.

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  1. oo these look delicious! I have never tried this before but would definitely be a great alternative to a bread base!

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