Christmas Tree Fruit

Or I should call this “Father Christmas Tree” fruit. Little b has taken to calling Christmas trees, “Father” Christmas trees. I think it is super cute 🙂

Now you may have seen some of the ideas I posted around Halloween – I used watermelon to make spooky shapes and whatnot. Well…watermelon is also ideal for making Christmassy themed shapes too. I made some flat trees and then some 3d ones using different size star cutters – topped with a strawberry.

As with any cutters, you sometimes get a bit of waste. I typically cut this up and pop it in a cute bowl as a fruit salad. You could of course just eat the leftovers as you go if you want!

2015-11-16 19.22.18

And here you go, Christmas watermelon. I added a couple of raisins to decorate the tree and some coconut “snow”.

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