3 Foods That Make Toddler Tea Easy!

Little b goes to nursery most of the week. He eats really well there but still wants something to snack on when he gets home. Between five and six in the evening, it is typically manic in our house. Little man whinging for snackies, four cats all around my ankles asking for their tea – and I haven’t even got my shoes and coat off!  Even though it is busy, I still like to try and give him something decent to snack on. Here are three of my favourite foods which make tea time super easy and fun!

2015-05-28 17.47.24

1 – Keep bread sticks and crackers in the cupboard. These are great with dips and are fun to use for “stalks” and “wood” if you want to try and create a food picture.

2 – Cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and celery  – all useful for creating flowers, stalks, stars – anything you fancy.

3 – Ham, chicken or cheese – I usually try and add one of these to little b’s tea. At the moment we are loving Babybels – or what b calls “moon” cheese. You take a bite out of one side and you have the moon 🙂

2015-11-12 17.35.48

So as you can see, the above photo took me all of a few minutes to prepare. It isn’t a work of art but it gives b some variety and fun at tea time.




  1. These look so cute! Love the caterpillar! My two are constantly asking for snacks! Breadsticks and babybel are great, I agree. Mine love all fruit, so anything along those lines is always popular. Veg and salad is less popular with eldest currently, but certain things she loves – I should try making them into a caterpillar! May improve popularity! #justanotherlinky

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