Fruity flowers using fruit crisps

I was sent some Emily Fruit Crisps recently to try and little b absolutely loves them. They come in three varieties; pineapple, apple and banana.“Wow, these are sweet!” That was my first reaction when I took a bite into the pineapple “crisps”. I actually couldn’t believe there was no added sugar and spent a few minutes examining the bag and nutrient stats! I tried both the apple and banana crisps while sat at my desk working. They make a good desk snack – no mess, no fuss, easy to eat while typing. Both apple and banana crisps were also super sweet in a good way, making them very moreish. I guess I thought that since I was technically eating fruit, it was the healthier option out of regular crisps. I was surprised to find that, compared with my trusty salt and vinegar crisps, they only came in around 100 or so calories less per 100 grams :/

Being so sweet, my little boy, little b, absolutely loved these crisps. He has had fruit crisps in the past and never been too fussed. Some I find are quite hard. I mixed them up with some fresh fruit, using the pineapple crisps to make flower petals. He loved this idea and they complimented the fresh fruit well.

Finally, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous – really pretty and it feels good quality in the sense that the product inside will also be good quality!

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