Easy Spooky Sandwich Ideas

I like making little b sandwiches as they are super quick and easy and you can add a variety of fillings. I’ve done a few lunch and sandwich posts which you can find here. I am guilty though of sticking to the same old and little b will quickly tell me when he’s had enough of squares and triangles. So on my quest to make sarnies a little more interesting, I thought I would spooky them up for Halloween:

2015-10-23 14.24.10

For spooky sandwiches, I simply made a regular hummus sandwich, cut off the crusts and  cut four triangles and then four again to make eight mini-triangles. Simple, yet little b really appreciated the bite-size approach.

I decorated the tray with a pumpkin satsuma, some cherry tomatoes, with added eyes and a grape “spider”. This little grape is literally sat on a plastic spider. He fits perfect! I added the eyes to the grape and tomatoes using a black food icing pen. You can pick them up in most supermarkets down the baking aisle 🙂

Other cute ways to make lunch boxes a bit more spooky include simply adding eyes and little props. Things like food picks are cheap and easy and I find they actually encourage b to eat up his lunch or meal! It’s amazing what basically a cocktail stick can do haha!

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