Spooky Jelly for Halloween

Ok so it is not really spooky jelly – as in no bats, frogs or mice were killed to make this jelly. And it took me all of thirty seconds to prepare. But this is what I love about this quick pudding/party piece – you don’t need loads of time. Just a few props. These little jellies would be perfect for a Halloween party 🙂

  • Grab yourself some spooky containers – I found these skull shot glasses in one of the pound shops which work perfect for this. Think outside of the box when it comes to presenting food – shot glasses are perfect for presenting jelly, yogurt and other small puddings aimed at toddlers.
  • Open a pot of pre-made jelly and tip into skull. You can of course make the jelly from scratch but I tend to buy the made up little pots. They are super handy for carrying out and about too.
  • And you’re done 🙂 The middle skull needs topping up a bit but I didn’t want to open another jelly! Only so much little b will eat and personally I hate the stuff. You can’t trust it – all the wibbling and wobbling. Urgh.

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